Please read the following information and then access the data at the bottom of the page.
Early Online Access to the Assembled Sheep Genome

The INTERNATIONAL SHEEP GENOMICS CONSORTIUM (ISGC) would like to welcome you to the early online access to the first version of draft assembled sheep genome. As a public service, and in agreement with the Fort Lauderdale and Toronto agreements, the sheep genome is being made available by the ISGC prior to peer-reviewed publication of the data. The ISGC and its partners are making this data available with the expectation and desire to publish this data in a reasonable time without preemption by other groups. By accessing these data, you agree not to publish any articles containing analyses of genes or genomic data on a whole genome or chromosome scale prior to publication by the ISGC and/or its collaborators of a comprehensive genome analysis ("Reserved Analyses"). "Reserved analyses" include the identification of complete (whole genome) sets of genomic features such as genes, gene families, regulatory elements, repeat structures, GC content, or any other genome feature, and whole-genome- or chromosome- scale comparisons with other species. If you are interested in collaboration on one of these topics involving the sheep genome, please contact one of the project coordinators ( or Work towards the publication of the sheep genome is underway, and we plan to submit a manuscript in the coming months. If you will be employing the data for non-reserved analyses, such as cloning a gene of interest or to analyze a gene family etc., please feel free to do so, we only ask that you reference the as your citation.

One more disclaimer – the genome database here represents an initial draft of the assembled genome. While we believe it is a very high quality animal genome, we are aware that it contains both known and unknown errors and discrepancies that will be addressed in upcoming releases of the genome. For instance, we are aware of a few minor situations where the sequences have been correctly assigned to a location, but the orientation is in question. We hope and believe that any problems that arise from these discrepancies are compensated by the rapid release of the data. If you believe that you have identified a discrepancy in the data, please contact BGI at and we will be sure to address your concerns in an upcoming release.

Once again, welcome to sheep genome database housed at BGI.

Wen Wang (KIZ, CAS), Xun Xu (BGI Shenzhen), Alan Archibald (Roslin), Thomas Faraut (INRA) on behalf of the ISGC